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Russia Dagestan /Республика Дагестан
14 - 21 Sep 2019
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Cross Country


Event info

We will glad to see you at the competitions “Golden Sapasan”. Competitions will be held on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan from  14 to 21 of  September.
  The competitive tasks will be on 3 different flight sites - Kafyr-Kumukh (Buinaksk), Mulebki, Bashlykent.
Accommodation of participants is planned on hotel in the sity of Izberbash in seaside. The seawater at this time is warm enought (23 degrees). Air is not as hot as August, and according to statistics, in September is one rainy day per month.
  Flight sites are located in 30-60 min reach by car. At the same time, weather conditions on sites can differ drastically.
These competitions are a great way to combine a family holiday and fly perfectly.

Info about Flying here

Kafyr-Kumukh - the take off is located on the Tashlybet ridge near the village of Kafır-Kumukh.

 The ridge is under the north wind with a length of more than 25 kilometers. At the foot of the pasture there is almost flat vast territory with low grassy vegetation. 

 For the take off we use place in the western part of the ridge at the level of 380 to 440 meters.
The take off is large and grassy. (42 ° 50'21.32 " 47 ° 10'11.42" )

Bashlykent. The takeoff is not big, for about 3 wings, grassy. (42 ° 15'53.31 " 47 ° 49'35.84" ) Located 33 km from Izberbash on Mount Javandag (747 m), at the foot of which is the village Bashlykent. As a rule, here the east wind is much weaker than on the coast.

Mulebki. The takeoff is located on a small ridge in the highmountan valley near the village of Aymaumahi at an altitude of about 1300 meters. (42 ° 20'54.55 " 47 ° 33'59.70" ) The difference between takeoff and landing is about 100m, but due to the valley wind have enough large soaring zone and after dialing in the home termal it is easy to make the transition to the main ridge 1800 m high



Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

The nearest airport is in Makhachkala. Long-distance trains also arrive there. The way from the airport to the hotel can be reached by taxi, the cost is about 12 euro.


Izberbash. Accommodation and headquarters of the competition are located in the hotel Piboy.

Hotel is located on the seafront and has all the infrastructure for a family holiday. In 2 km from the base there are free termal bath. Also in Izberbash there is a ridge for breeze flights about 5 km long and a height difference of 200 m.

Area Info & Activities

The fortress of Naryn-Kala
The Derbent fortress was the defensive construction of the Sasanid state, the city of Derbent. This city needed defense because of its close location with the sea, the population was afraid of disembarking enemy troops ashore, so the fortress was erected. Naryn-Kala translates as "The Locked Gate". Historians make the assumption that it was built under Alexander the Great. 
There is a fortress at an altitude of 300 meters, surrounded by strong walls, throughout the territory there are towers. 
Naryn-Kala is an amazing place, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the dungeons of this fortress store many stories and events of the past years. 
Sulak canyon
Sulak canyon by right is considered the most real miracle of nature. The canyon takes its beginning in the mountains, where the Sulak River cuts the mountains in half. The mountain river is divided by Salatau and Gimrinsky ridge. The depth of the Sulak canyon is 1920 meters. 
The Sulak canyon consists of several canyons, each of which is unique in its own way. One of them has a length of about 18 kilometers. In some places you can see the wooden beams crossing the canyon, but you still have to wander around carefully, as you can stumble and fall down. 

Selection and entry fee

Entry fee:
150 euro

Beneficiary account number: 40817978404190008531 
Beneficiary: Dontsov Anton Aleksandrovich 
Beneficiary`s bank: AO «ALFA-BANK», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078 Beneficiary SWIFT: ALFARUMM 
Account with correspondent bank number: 400886894501EUR
Correspondent SWIFT: COBADEFF 
Correspondent bank: COMMERZBANK AG, D-60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Competition schedule

September 14th Check in 
September 15-20. Contest flying days 
September 21st. Short task. Prize-giving and closing ceremony

Prizes and competition categories