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15 - 21 Aug 2022
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Cross Country

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IMPORTANT Update for Nordic Open 2022

2022-05-28 17:15

Dear pilot, 

Nordic Open is coming closer, here are some very important informations: 

As you probably know, CIVL launched a new “Event management system” this year. 

After some test sessions we decided to switch from to this new management system! Scoring and live tracking will run much smoother. 

Unfortunately we can't just export all registered pilots from and import them into the new system. 

Therefore please all of you have to do a new registration on

Beside all the typical pilots information (name, wing, insurance …) the system is checking your CIVL-ID and FAI-ID. If you have problems to find out your CIVL-ID and / or your FAI-ID, please find our advatorial here: Update your CIVL-ID or FAI-ID

Thanks and best regards

FSC Ikarus Abtenau


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