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29 Jul - 01 Aug 2021
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2021-08-02 22:12




Paramythia Greek Champ Total RESULTS FINAL


Paramythia Open 2021! Greek Paragliding Championship- 2nd leg!

2021-06-08 20:45
Σας καλωσορίζουμε στην ιστοσελίδα του Πανελλήνιου αγώνα Πρωταθλήματος Αποστάσεων Α/Π (2ο σκέλος 2021) που διοργανώνει o Ορειβατικός Αεραθλητικός Σύλλογος Παραμυθιάς στο όρος Γκορίλα στην Παραμυθιά του Δήμου Σουλίου. Εδώ θα βρείτε αναλυτικές πληροφορίες για τον αγώνα και τις προϋποθέσεις συμμετοχής σας σε αυτόν. Σας περιμένουμε για να πετάξουμε μαζί σε αυτή την δημοφιλή και φιλική, για κάθε επίπεδο πιλότου, περιοχή! 


Event info

Paramythia XC OPEN 2021- Greek Championships (2nd leg) , FAI cat2

Paramythia, Thesprotia, Greece, Mount "GORILAS" 

29,30,31 JULY - 1 AUGUST 2021 


With the support of the MUNICIPALITY OF SOULI

The Air Sports Club of Paramythia, following a proposal to Hellenic Paragliding Commission (EAP) and with the approval of  Greek Airsports Federation (ELAO) , in collaboration with the Municipality of Souli, organizes a Greek Championships race (part 2) in the four-day duration distance category competition, along with the training day.

Official ALTERNATIVE DATES have been set for the above race:

5~8 August 2021 in case of bad weather forecast.

The airclubs that wish to take part with their athletes in these competitions, are invited to send the completed participation form to the organizer no later than Monday, July 19, 2021.

In case of using the alternative dates 5 ~ 8 August 2021, The organizer will inform the athletes and their clubs in a timely manner and the participation statements and registration applications will be valid as originally sent.

Those fellows IPPI 3 level pilots, but also IPPI 4 or 5 level who do not want to fly during the race, can register as guests and use all the facilities of the event.

Undergraduate, trained pilots can fly only in the presence of an instructor dedicated and exclusively under his own guidance and responsibility.

Local Rules

The competition will be held according to the current comps regulations GREEK AND FAI/CIVL for the FAI cat 2 comps that are published on the website of the Paragliding Committee:

Rules of the Championships

CIVL: Sporting Code, Section 7 A

CIVL: Sporting Code, Scoring 7 F

Pleace find the local regulations at the DOWNLOADS section

          COMP DOCUMENTS requierd

  •         FAI SL
  • ·         Pilot’s National licence  Parapro 4 or 5
  • ·         Signed application form (at the HQ)
  • ·         Signed Release of liability, Waiver of Legalrights (at the HQ)
  • ·         Insurance Third Party and Medical 

    COVID-19 DOCUMENTS requierd

  •          -- RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test, RAT -48 hours validity
  •          -- OR vaccination certificate 
  •          -- OR disease certificate ssued 30 days after the first positive test and valid until 180 days after the disease

The following local regulations will also apply and participants must be aware of and comply with them:

The Meet  Director reserves the absolute right to refuse the participation of any pilot who deems that his level does not correspond to the requirements of the race.

In the race the athletes can only fly with certified wings EN: A, B, C, D and DHV: 1, 1-2, 2, 2-3, 3 and CCC.
Participants are required to have third party insurance coverage and personal insurance, private or public.
All participants will submit or complete the necessary registration forms at the race secretariat.

All participants are required to register for the race through the official website of the event at:

All participants must have a GPS device to record their course live at and in case of no downloading at, they are obliged to upload their course file, next to their name on the race page as soon as possible after their landing .

They should also keep a copy of the file in a GPS device to be provided if requested by the organizer.

Info about Flying here

The take-off of the 'Gorilla' mountain range in Karyoti Paramythias is the most promising in the area, having given many good flights.
It is located at an altitude of 830m in the middle of the Gorilla Mountains where the maximum height is 1658m. In front of it is the valley that crosses Paramythia Acheron the area of Fanari reaching the sea, and some mountains low 300-600m which reduce the intensity of the sea breeze in the summer months and create in turn quite good thermals,resulting in the area becoming ideal for long-haul flights and racing triangles.
The take-off also has a very good slope, is covered with grass and fits three fully developed paragliders. The area has thermal activity almost all year round and the flight can be long, with very well organized thermals.

You can see some flights from these place at Leonardo
- From takeoff  Paramythia- Gorilas
- From takeoff  AI LIAS  - GKRIKA
- From takeoff  KYRA PANAGIA
- From takeoff  GLYKI ACHERON



Printable Waypoints Map


The accommodation of the athletes can be done by camping in a specially designed area above the town of Paramythia on the way to take off, with natural shade that has two large rooms with a total of 24 single beds, with showers and toilets.

Alternatively below you can see hotels and rooms in Paramythia, the surrounding villages, as well as in the area of ​​Acheron.

'Kourtis' Rooms to Let: +30694 747 0788

Rooms to let 'Alexandra': +306974 774737 -+30 6942 476186

The consultation and booking of the rooms is the sole responsibility of the athletes - visitors.


Selection and entry fee

Participation cost is 60 Euros
The participation cost will be 40 Euros, for those athletes who make the payment until Friday 23/07/2021 in the following account:
ACCOUNT NUMBER 6298145542121
IBAN: GR5501712980006298145542121

PayPal account (easy international payment): Send 40 euro to:
All transfer costs must be covered exclusively by the sender.
Send proof of deposit to the mail:

Secretariat - scoring,
T-shirt of the race,
Lunch pack
Transport to the Take-off,
Retrieves from main roads,
Official Dinner

Also, 20 places are reserved for the first non-Greek pilots who will pay their participation by June 30, 2021 at the latest (FAI rule for Cat2 races)
- 5 additional places are reserved for the guests of the organizers.
Cancellation policy:
50% refund if participation is cancelled one month or more before the start of the race and before June 29, 2021.
No refund for cancellation after the above date.


Those fellow pilots who do not want to fly during the race can register as guests and use all the facilities of the event with a participation cost of 50 Euros.

The event will have a limited number of visitors to be admitted and this will depend on the number of entries in the race, there will be a priority order based on payment and when this number is completed the guest list will be closed. The cost of participation will be 10 euros less, ie 40 euros, for those who make the payment by  Friday 23/07/2021

in the following account:


IBAN: GR5501712980006298145542121



The take-offs of the pilots-visitors will stop 20 minutes before the window for the races opens and will start again after the closing of the window or after consultation with the organizers so as not to disturb the take-offs of the competitors.

The Retrieves will take place on main roads within the time frames of the race and within the covered area (task) of the race.

Cancellation policy:

50% refund if participation is cancelled one month or more before the start of the race and before June 29, 2021.

No refund for cancellation after the above date.

Competition schedule

Thursday 29/07/2021 - Training Day

12:00 Arrival at the HQ

12:30 Departure to take off.

13.00 Information on take-off - Task Briefing

13:30 Free flight or Training Task (there will be retrieve)

18:00 End of Training

Free time for sightseeing

Friday 30/07/2021 - 1st Day

8:00 - 9:00 Registrations

09:00 General briefing of athletes

10:00 Departure to take off

11.00 Race information- Task Briefing

12.00 Start of the race

18.00 End of the race

18.30 Report back-flight data

Free time for sightseeing

Saturday 31/07/2021 - 2nd Day

09:00 General briefing of athletes

10:00 Departure to take off

11.00 Race information - Task Briefing

12.00 Start of the race

18.00 End of the race

19.00 Report back-flight data

21:00 Official Diner

Sunday 01/08/2021 - 3rd Day

09:00 General briefing of athletes

10:00 Departure to take off

11.00 Race information - Task Briefing

12.00 Start of the race

16.30 End of the race

17.30 Report back-flight data

18.00 Closing ceremony

18.30 Awards ceremony

The race schedule can be modified under the responsibility of the race director.

Prizes and competition categories

  • Overall
  • EN-C, DHV-2
  • EN-A, EN-B, DHV-1 DHV-1/2
  • Female


  •  Greek Air Sports Federation (ΕΛΑΟ)

  • Hellenic Paragliding Commission (ΕΑΠ)
  •  Air Sports Club of PARAMYTHIA

  • Meet Director: Anastasios Privartitsanis

  • Meteo Briefing: Tsoukas Evangelos

  • Scorer: Anestis Paliatsos

  • Security:Pallas konstantinos

  • Retrieve:Kittas Alexandros

  • Event Coordinator: Sakis Korakis

  • Technical Delegate: to be advised

  • Jury: to be advised

 With the support of MUNICIPALITY OF SOULI

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