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25 - 26 Jun 2022
Paraglider Paraglider
Cross Country


Event info

Pyhrn Priel Cup 2022

International CIVL-Category 2

Competition in Paragliding

Regional Championship of Upper Austria 2022

25th to 26th June 2022

(no reserve date)


Competition Office: Sportcafe Freizeitpark 1

Local Rules

Competition rules:

    in the following order:
1. Announcement / notice at headquarter
2. Competition rules of Austrian Aero Club, 
    Section Para and Hang Gliding
3. FAI: Sporting Code, General Section, Chapters 4 and 5
4. CIVL: Sporting Code, Section 7 Common, Chapter 12
Participation requirements:

  • Valid paragliding license with cross-country permit, valid FAI Sporting license
  • Certified and checked glider with valid liability insurance, glider must also conform to rules of Austrian Paragliding League
  • Helmet, emergency chute and back protector are mandatory!
  • Rescue cost insurance and Accident insurance are strongly advised!
  • The glider has to be flown in the certified configuration, the competition management can check at any time. Changes outside the certified configuration may result in disqualification.
  • Changing the glider during the competition is only allowed with the permission of the event managers!
  • FAI Anti-Doping rules must be observed!
  • Corona Rules: Vaccinated or Recovered!


  • The organizer as well as the landlords / owners of the take-off and landing sites hold no liability towards the pilots or third parties.
  • The participation at the competition, transfers, retrieve and general program is at your own risk!
  • Each participant is obliged to unsubscribe by signing the sign-out list at the time communicated at the briefing. Any participant who has not been re-registered will be searched for by all available means. The costs for the search action will be charged to the participant in full.

➢ Cancellation of competition:

  • Till Friday, 2022-06-24 at 12am it will be decided if the competition will take place or is cancelled due to weather restrictions.
  • This will be published at the website

➢ Registration:

  • Online registration at
  • The registration is only valid after paying the full entry fee!

 ➢ Complaint and protest:

  • Complaint in written form free of cost within 30 min. after display of unofficial results.
  • Protest in written form and payment of protest fee within 30 min. after display of official results.
  • Protest fee according to Austrian competition rules: € 50, -
  • Protest fee to the ONF according to Austrian competition rules: € 100, -


Sector F is during the comtetition out off order!

Info about Flying here

• Landing pad Hinterstoder, Flugschule Hinterstoder
47°41`56“N 14°09`05“E (650m)
• Take off West Hoess
47°39`53“N 14°10`11“E (1800m)
• Take off Nord Hoess
47°40`05“N 14°10`35“E (1800m)



Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

Arrival information:
Arrival via A9, exit Hinterstoder-St.Pankraz
Follow signage to Hinterstoder

Area Info & Activities

Free camping possible - see map

toilet and shower possible for 2 Euro cleaning fee in leisure park (competition office)!


Announcement FAI Pyhrn Priel Cup 2022.pdf
Announcement Pyhrn Priel Cup 2022.pdf
Ausschreibung Pyhrn Priel Cup 2022.pdf


  • for Skytrex, Android, Bräuninger, Competino, C-Pilot: use compeGps-file
  • for Android, Bräuninger, Competino, fsdb: use FS-GeoFormat
  • for SeeYou (Oudie): use CUP-file.

Instructions for upload of waypoints to your GPS - see "Pilot-List - Download your Waypoints"

Upload by organiser:
For pilots not able to download waypoints to their GPS or upload the track to livetrack24, the organiser offers the possibility to maualy up/download data from/to GPS. This will be charged with € 5,- per day. GPS-cables für most devices are available, but to be sure, please bring your own cable with you.

Selection and entry fee

➢ Selection:

  • Maximum number of participants: 100 (60 Austrian, 40 International)
  • If the competition is booked out till 2022-05-26, a selection according to WPRS will follow, afterwards you will get an e-mail with a confirmation and a request to pay the entry fee.
  • If the competition is not booked out until 2022-06-24 the selection is done according to the motto“First Come, First Serve”.
  • Registration deadline 2022-06-20!

➢ Entry fee:

  • Overall, Serial, Sport, Women Class € 60.-
  • Payment by bank transfer at
  • HPGC-Garstnertal
  • Raiffeisenbank Windischgarsten
  • IBAN: AT17 3449 1000 0002 2533
  • BIC: RZ00AT2L491
  • Late Registration (no registration on LiveTrack24 till Saturday, 8 o’clock) or no bank transfer after selection: € 10.- processing surcharge
  • Registration deadline 2022-06-20!

➢ Refund:

  • No refund of entry fee if pilot is missing at the competition.
  • If the competition is cancelled € 5 will be retained for expenses of organizer, the rest of the entry fee will be refunded (in case of selection and bank transfer)
  • In case of cancellation of only one task before costs have arisen for the organizer, € 15, - will be refunded to the pilots present on site after the award ceremony.

➢  Selection:

Mandatory registration via livetrack24,
If number of max. participants is reached by 24.05.2022, selection will be done according WPRS-ranking. Payment of full entry fee will be required to confirm registration. In case of cancellation an amount of EUR 5,- will kept for organisers cost, rest will be refunded.
If number of max. participants is not reached on 24.06.2022 pilots will be selected according "first come - first serve"

Competition schedule

Saturday, 25th June:

07:30 - 09:00 Registration at competition office Sportcafe Freizeitpark 1,
                      (Breakfast is possible only by order a day before)

09:00             1st Pilot briefing, nomination of committees, weather report

09:30             Transfer to take-off

11:00              2nd Briefing at take-off, Sign-In, afterwards first competition 

about. 18:00  Sign-Out, Drinks on Landing stipe Hinterstoder

Sunday, 26th June:

08:30             Meeting point Competition office Sportcafe, (Breakfast is 
                      possible only by order a day before)

09:00            Weather report, Transfer to take-off

11:00            1st Briefing at take-off, Sign-In,
                     Afterwards second competition task

about. 17:00 Landing stripe Hinterstoder, Sign-Out

about. 18:00 Award ceremon

Prizes and competition categories

➢ Competition classes:

All competition classes according to definition of the 
Austrian paragliding league. (At least 5 participants per 
• Overall (EN A – CCC)
• Serial (EN A – EN D)
• Sport (EN A – EN C)
• Women (EN A – CCC)
• Regional Championship of Upper Austria Overall (EN 
A – CCC), Serial (EN A – EN D) – must be a member 
of the Upper Austria National Association (direct 
member or club in Upper Austria)

➢ Prices:

According to competition class trophies and/or giveaways.


HPGC- Garstnertal on behalf of ÖAeC, 

➢ Event Committee:

  • Event Director: Alexander Sigl
  • Assistant: Ady Perner
  • Technical Director: Patrick Freudenthaler
  • Security Officer: Gerhard Reiter
  • Chief Judge: Martin Alkin
  • Result evaluation: Liga
  • Coordination Retrieve: Sophie Kepplinger

Contact Info

Ady Perner, +43 (0) 6507250178,

Alexander Sigl, +43 (0) 66475036149
Contact the organizer